Feature Request: Disable Unranked Games In Custom Game settings

PLEASE DO NOT MIND THIS REQUEST. Had I not told you I might change my mind? ._.

I have found myself in a very awkward situation - I want to improve my go skill by forcing it out in ranked games however with the attempt of holding my feeble 2d rank (1.9d currently after losing a game). I feel that the attempt must not last. Please disable Unranked Games in the Custom Game figure for Kyute (online-go.com) forever. Thank you.

To WhoeverInCharge

PS: Sorry, I somehow tagged ‘Whoever’ in the pre-edited version. Fixed now (or has it?)

PPS: Sorry, I somehow tagged ‘WhoeverInCharge’ in the pre-current edition version. Fixed now.

PPPS: For those ‘You can just click “Ranked”’ people, I just can’t control myself.

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I don’t really understand the request. You only want to play ranked games. Isn’t that just something you can choose to do yourself when setting up games?

Or are you asking that any unranked challenges made to you directly are auto declined?

Also there is this box at the bottom to untick of you just don’t want to see unranked custom challenges:


Can’t you just simply choose to not play any unranked games, if you don’t wish to? Or are you worried about your own willpower?

I don’t quite understand why this is particularly necessary for actually improving skill. I mean, what you learn from a game is up to the attitude that you bring to it, regardless of whether or not it is ranked.

Further, forgoing all unranked games would also exclude oneself from taking some teaching games, which could undermine opportunities for progress.

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Not exactly :slight_smile: The feature I was asking is, if possible, to make all games I make in the Custom Game area ranked. (here)

I might want to play some unranked games with friends so i might create an unranked challenge in player-to-player challenge ._.
Also, for the self-control thing, I know I might not be able to control myself some time in the future, so just please disable unranked games…

PS: that stupid Grammarly told me to replace sometime with some time and then some time with sometime.

You can check the box “Ranked”…


A website is built for different people with different usages. Besides it should keep some easyness at the same time.

If you have some own ideas first step is to be sure that enough other users are interested so that developers may invest their time in it.

On another side i feel like many go players like you are a bit far too focused on their ranking (to the point to ask programmers to modify the site for yourself!) If you want a higher ranking you can get it by accumulating victories against weaker players but that will not make you a stronger player.

The rating won’t help to be a well established 2d, only your real progress in go.

Note: for a new experience you can hide your rating via an option in settings.


I believe real strength always grows slower than official rank on site. (if you play here only)
So playing more (any)games is more important than playing more ranked games.
If no one accepts my ranked challenge for 2 minutes, I create unranked challenge in case there are some people who prefer unranked around now - so I get game as fast as possible without changing rank restriction.


As jit said

this seems to almost completely do what you want.

It will stay checked until you un-check it.

The only thing it won’t do is stop you from un-checking it later.

It seems inconceivable that we would create a setting that you can set but not change later… imagine the stream of requests “oops, I permanently disabled unranked games, can you fix that for me”.


The path to true strength in Go starts with the ability to resist chasing rank and, instead, pursue the honour of fighting hard in tough games against strong opponents regardless of the outcome :sunglasses: