Feature Request: filters for observe games list

This is not a big deal, but just something I would like and so am putting it out there.

I like to watch ongoing games, especially with stronger players, but am not interested in games involving bots.

Given how strong the bots are, the majority of top games on the list are bot games. A toggle or filter to hide these games would be nice so I don’t have to go hunting for the few human dan-level games to spectate, especially when viewing on mobile it’s a lot of scrolling and checking multiple pages of games.

Perhaps other filters would also be if interest to other people looking for specific games?


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There is a possibility to filter.

A level filter would be nice indeed.


OGS filter system is quite extended already for me. Lot of options which are in fact not common on other servers.
User note: When playing with them, if suddenly your list looks too empty, check that you unchecked the “friends games only”…

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Huh, this is exactly what I want, but I don’t see these options on my phone. Android chrome, both with desktop mode enabled or disabled.

Click the little buttons just right to “correspondence games”

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