Feature Request: Go TV Option

I’d love to have an ongoing show of live OGS go games on the screen without having to find new live games all the time when one game ends. (a bit like TV I guess!)

I’d like set a filter (if possible) of options of which games to show preferably, or perhaps even set up a queue of games I want to view from a list of records I have selected.

(why? Well, I like watching Go whilst working with things that make it inconvenient to operate a mouse. I can think of many occasions where people might enjoy such an automated Go TV channel they can customise.)


I’d like set a filter (if possible) of options of which games to show preferably

This exists. Click the little funnel next to the correspondence games button on the game page.

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I saw that, but for a DIY GO TV show, it would need some extra features (but that really would be icing on the cake!)

The main thing I’m hoping for is a way of having the browser automatically select current games to show me. The rest is a nice to have.


So, I guess the key thing that is missing is that the current system keeps finished games on the page, rather than replacing them with a new one. It seems like it should be fairly straightforward to modify the front-end code to automatically replace finished games (maybe after a configurable time delay period, with the option to not refresh, for those that prefer the current behavior).

Are there any other specific features missing?

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Nice idea! Did you come up with it yourself? :yum:

But for real this would be dope

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In this rare case yes.
I play (for fun only), the recorder and I like to practice a lot. So it’s nice to watch Go whilst I do that. Also, Go would be nice on the kitchen screen too.
Other fun features I could think of is to ‘observe player’ if they play public games, or, observe whatever another player is currently observing, so, you can have crowds move around from game to game (insta crowd!). Groups might like that feature for their members?
The crowd feature might also cause a bit more live kibitzing, something I’m missing here. (I used to play on NNGS, back in the day)


What’s NNGS?

Maybe this?


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Yes. Back when you could play on a terminal in ascii!


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