Feature Request: Player Pools

I thinks Online-Go could add a nice feature of player pools. There could be a 9x9 pool, 13x13 pool and 19x19 pool. The way it would work is once a player enters the pool, that player is then automatically paired up to another player in that pool. Once the game is finished, both players return to the pool lobby where they are soon paired up for another game. I have seen this feature on chess websites before, and it works best if there are a lot of players in the pool. Just a suggestion.

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iirc this is how tournaments work on lichess (a favorite site of ours, we love those guys)

The problem with doing this, in the case of live tournaments, is that go matches can go on quite a long time and thus tournaments would need to last a very long time in order to make sure enough players can get enough matchups.

It just doesn’t seem like it could work quite so well for any other game speed but blitz, or for small boards.

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@matburt, wouldn’t this idea shorten a tournament, since players wouldn’t have to wait as long? also, I’m not sure the suggestion is for tournaments at all, but instead is for a kind of automatch.

Yeah I was thinking more just automatch. You’re right, I play on Lichess also.

I think if we could get a lot of players into a “pool” or “tournament” it could work but I don’t think we are quite there yet. Chess sites, and lichess in particular, are an order of magnitude larger in active player base than we (and other Go sites) are.

Maybe if it was a scheduled once a week thing with a very high player limit? If it still consistently filled up, then the number of pools per week could increase one by one?

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