Feature request: report as spam

Hello all !

This is a thread I open for speaking of an unpleasant topic :frowning:

What do you think of a feature “report as spam” ? Or , wouldn’ it be too much ?

I would report through that feature for users I know from nowhere who sends me PM/chat without any hello/goodbye/thanks only for dropping a link to a tournament.

From your experience, does it occur often ? From mine, it seldom does but still happens.

And probably it would be easier for correlating spam reports than writing to a moderator.

Of course, it would also be useful for reporting spam for off-site pages but it hasn’t occurred to me so far.

Without that feature, I could of course block the user but to me it seems overkill if in 6 months (I’m giving an hypothetical example) I receive only once message from that user.


What would you anticipate the outcome of this report to be? I’m assuming some sort of moderator intervention? There’s no explicit rules I’m aware of specifying that this behavior is inherently inappropriate. If a user is doing this often, it could get annoying, of course. At that point, though, perhaps asking them to stop would be best, followed by blocking the user if they persist regardless.

You have a Report option, which mods receive instantly. You can just put “spam” in the report description and you are good to go.

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it helps, thanks :slight_smile: