Feature request: sgf library sharing

I think we should add “share sgf library” button to sgf library page.


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Please reply.

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What do you mean exactly by ”share lbrary”?

Some kinda button to have uploaded sgf shown on “Reviews and Demos” list would be nice ^___^

If you just want to share an uploaded sgf with a friend, you can copypaste the url and it should work, but if you want to share multiple sgf’s or share sgf to multiple people, you gotta give the link(s) separately to everyone. (not ideal solution)

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The format of the library link is https://online-go.com/library/%Player_ID%
You can search for a user by name, go to their profile to see in the url their ID, and then check if they have any games in their library.

For instance, here you can see KoBa’s library, here you can see mine, and here you can see that of OP.


I didn’t know it was so easy.

It would be easier then if we added that same link to each profile page, so that everybody could find it without copying and pasting http addresses.


thank you.

Blockquote “thank you for your help.”

do you understand the solution?

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