Feature Request: Slow Live Game Warning


I like to play slow games. The games I setup typically are typically minimum 1 hour main time with 5x1 minutes and many times even longer with 1k+ rank constraint.

I am a little surprised even d players don’t check the clock setting before accepting the games. So far, no conflict yet, except I got rank bump of two such games due to opponent resignations after realizing the time setting.

Would it be ok to put some sort of warning on those kind of long live games? If ok, I will leave the team to decide what is considered long, cause you have the statics.

Last, a little promotion of the Slow Live Games group. :smiley:


Unusual game settings are marked by a triangle with an exclamation sign.
They are listed under the Long Games.
What more can there be done?

If you hover over that sign, it shows why it is unusual.

Me too. It is a sad fact that most people don’t read all before accepting a game.

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So-called “long games” are correspondence games. What drifterwolf is asking is that “long short games” should be considered as short games with unusual setting.


My impression (with fast games) is that that warning often doesn’t help. I don’t know if it keeps some people away but there are plenty who don’t notice/ignore it. Just as many people accept to take white with two handicap stones against a 1d, for example.

With the warning already existing, short of removing the ability to play these games completely, I don’t know that there is anything we can do. Certainly can’t force people to be observant and attentive.


Lol, the titles of the games are already quite explicit, and people still don’t read.


The only improvement (I doubt there’s a solution) to this particular problem I can imagine would be to have a KGS-style “challenge” dialog with a little chat window. You could ask your would-be challenger “Are you SURE you are fine with 1 hour main time and 1min byo periods?”

I also think many people would complain about confirmation dialogs like this.

Damned if you do, …

Personally, I prefer technical solutions for technical problems only and “deal with it” for “human error” issues.


Correct, I try to emphasize the unusual time setting and also remind opponents in chat, and sometimes neither works.

I can deal with this myself, no big deal.

The idea is based on the assumption this is a low effort to change, same as this one below.

In this particular case, there might not even be a niche market for Slow Live Games. But think about it, if Fox offers custom game page, with its large user base, nobody will seek SLG on OGS. So if it is indeed a low development effort, why not promote this type of games on OGS, like create a Short Long Game section?

Only time will tell if it works. If it does not, well, what do you have to lose. :joy:

A splendid suggestion! :slight_smile:

In fact I thought I’d previously been able to filter correspondence games, but that isn’t the case anymore. Pls fix again!

On lichess, a highpraised chess website by many OGS users (I’m no chess player) it seems to me there is a wide choice so why not?

Since rengo we have less
We could have

Ultrablitz 1-3s
Blitz 4-9s
Semi blitz 10-19s
Standard 20-49s
Long 50-89s
Ultra long 90s and more
Quick correspondence less as 3 days
Correspondence 3-7 days
Long Correspondence more as 7days
No limit
time by move