Feature request: sort observed games better

Hi, sometimes I’m observing a game without commitment, just so I can watch others if I want, but if another one starts, I have to search for it; I’d like not to have to do this, please.

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So we have our observe games page, how would you sort that differently?

I suggest you to activate the “show game starts in chat” option (wrench icon in the bottom left corner of the chat page).

I’m not sure you understand. If another game starts, it crowds out the game I was watching and I lose track of it and have to look for it.

I agree that this page should have a small fix. Maybe an option to sort games by rank or by number of spectators? Another way to make the games easier to overview is to make it possible to toggle a list view.

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Sorry for reviving but I thought the same.

Yeah, sorting for w/b player ranks, observers aswell as boardsize would be great.


My basic idea is, if games get finished, they should leave empty slots for new games to be filed in, to they don’t get moved around, in case I wanna observe multiple games at once. Right?

I suggest implementing filters in the observe games page, like by rank, time settings, observers, etc.

I know the game map in the bottom left corner of the chat page already sort of does this but it would be nice in the observe page too and you could add a lot more filters that generate different results for the kind of game people are looking for.


I agree: it would be nice to have filters in the observe game page.

I’m a newbie and play only on 9x9 board at the moment. I would like to see only 9x9 games in the “observe game” page.
Also filters by rank could be useful.

I like the game map in the chat page but it’s just too small! Is it possible to view it at full page size?

Would this (the “Play” link) be large enough? :slight_smile:

It would be wonderful to have the “chat map” at the same size of the “play map”.

The content is different, isn’t it?
In the first one I see all in-progress games while the second one shows only games that are about to start.

Anyway, the “chat map” doesn’t come with the board size info. This also would be helpful.