Feature request: support lines and arrow from SGF standard in OGS front-end

The SGF standard has a ton of properties

The current SGF standard version, 4, supports lines and arrows (properties LN and AR respectively).

If the OGS front-end could support those, it would be more competitive with tools like sabaki as a review tool.

For context and to explain my need - I work on the Shusaku Study Project. The goal is to provide public-domain commentary of all the Shusaku games that we have, and that also means a lot of effort goes into encoding as much information as effectively as we can into the markup – and that means that, the more markup tools we have, the more options we have for providing information into the markup.

I’m currently using OGS as a basis for the reviews - it’s convenient because we see all the forked reviews so it limits extra management (as opposed to people downloading a SGF and then reuploading it into discord later) so it would be nice if OGS also supported all the markup options!


I agree those would be good!

I noticed you mentioned wanting to help with the goban codebase on GitHub. If you were interested in digging around, the place to start would probably be around MoveTree where “MarksInterface” is defined and SGF export is implemented and GoEngine where SGF import is implemented.

I’m afraid you may have misunderstood the context of my offer for help, I was only offering to help get the OGS front-end ready for general consumption.

The reasons why are complicated and off-topic, but not secret, so send me a DM if you like and I’ll be happy to explain myself further.

Gotcha. Well maybe those code pointers will help if anyone else wants to try implementing this.