Feature request: timeout sounds

I recently played more and more live games on OGS and I found that a relatively large number of these tends to be won/lost by timeout. Far larger than I have experienced on other sites. However, on all the other sites I played the players are warned by some sort of sound to give them one last chance.

On OGS instead, I have lost several games myself, where I had a timesuji prepared already, but got lost on reading another part of the board for so long that the game suddenly was over. From the frequency of timeouts I observe, I can but assume that the same thing happens to my opponents.

I am a bit torn apart though on this feature, as obviously in a real-world tournament we would not have something like this and it is equally fair to demand the removal of such a sound for that reason. So essentially, this is much a feature request as a request for discussion. I have no experience at all on real tournament games, so my judgement may well be off here. Though I have that feeling that in Go the most typical outcome of any game should not be a win by timeout.

Maybe someone can shed more light on this with hard data regarding the relative number of games decided by timeouts on OGS vs other online-sites vs real-world tournament/timed games?

From my current (possibly prejudiced) point of view though, I dearly miss a sort of sound like a countdown of the last byo-yomi seconds, or at least a warning sound 3 seconds before the period ends.

Hm, we do have count down times, and 3 second beeps before each period ends… I take it these aren’t working for you? (Probably silly question but is your sound enabled under settings?)

Oh… interesting. Are they enabled/disabled independently from the stone sounds maybe? I’ve been playing these games on my Nexus 10 and I heard the move sounds just fine.

honestly, 3 seconds isn’t enough to keep the per-turn timer aware, and tends to induce panic.

I’d love the option of the ING-style audio, giving spoken intervals of every minute, every ten seconds from 50 to 10, then a simple countdown.

Also, Like he said, have Tak sounds enabled or disabled separately. Maybe have other sound options, bell chime, a softer tak, a harder tak, etc, with “none” on the list.

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Hmm interesting, I’ll do some testing on that and see if i can figure out what’s going on

More options would be great, though we’re partly limited by the fact that we don’t have any audio samples for anything other than the digits 1 through 10 :slight_smile:

There’s a speech synthesis API in Chrome (and I believe Safari):

var msg = new SpeechSynthesisUtterance('10 minutes remaining');
msg.lang = 'en-US';

Hah that’s fun :slight_smile: I would like a cross platform solution though… it does sound pretty good though, way better than the old school robot voices :slight_smile: