Feature request: undo block after time 12 month time period?

I would like to propose to automatically lift blocks against players after a given period of time. Blocks usually occur for two reasons: either players are offended by chat behavior, or they dislike another player’s style of playing. If your account has been blocked (both chat and accepting open games) multiple years ago, there are no more options of playing with the blocking players ever again, especially because you cannot reach those players by chat and ask them to lift the block (due to the chat block). This is annoying, because the open games these players publish continue appearing in your open games list. I would suggest automatically lifting blocks after a period of 12 months. I expect players usually won’t remember why they blocked other player’s after this period of time. If they do, they can easily click the block button again and block the person for another year.


If I blocked someone from accepting my games, I would expect that block to last for all eternity, and I’d only do it if behavior was unacceptable.

I think the better solution for all parties is to hide unplayable games from the games list.

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Thanks for the welcome! Yes, hiding those games from the open games would be a solution. Still, I think it would be worth considering auto-unblock. First, people seem to unblock for reasons other than unacceptable behavior (e.g. rage due to losing). Second, the blocked player never gets a chance to make amends after unacceptable behavior (though whether you think that’s desirable depends on whether you believe someone deserves a second chance after a while). Why is it important to you that it lasts for all eternity?


Couple things -

  1. I suppose “for all eternity” is a bit strong. I am really saying that I expect blocks to last until I choose to un-block. Now that blocks are readily available in Settings, users can easily “forgive” other players if they so choose.
  2. I suppose it depends on the block reason. There may be a rage-block, but there also may be legitimate reasons for a permanent block (such as harassment). I suppose I’d be open to temporary blocks, but I definitely don’t want to see permanent blocks automatically lifted.

Absolutely. I block players infrequently enough (pretty much only for repeatedly accepting and then canceling my open challenges, which has only happened rarely) that I’d be fine clicking a setting to unblock players after a year, but I don’t think that should override the expected behavior of a block feature which is to block that player until and unless further action is taken.

Honestly, I’d be fine setting it for 24 hours in my use case.


Currently, if people want their blocks to be lifted after some time, they could also easily unblock that person, when the desired period of time has elapsed.

It could be nice to have an optional feature for setting an expiration date on a block. However, I think it should still remain an option (and the default, to avoid confusion) to block someone indefinitely.


Another option would be to ask the player after a given time if they want to lift or keep the block.


I see no value in this. It removes control from the person who counts, the offended party. Blocking is one of the few defenses against trolls, cheats, sandbaggers, irresponsible children, and assorted oafs.


You block players because you don’t like the players style? or do you mean they are doing something troll?

Overall I think you should just pay more mind to who you block honestly.

ARRRGH!! I lose. I block you!!!

[a little while later] Nooo!!! I lose again. I block you too.

[much later] Not again! BLOCK! Oh wait - I have now blocked everyone on OGS. No one left to play with :cry:


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