Feature request. Voice Chat

Hi people.

Before anything, so much congrats for your site. It’s simply awesome!!.

I’ve been thinking how great would be if reviews after games could be done in voice chat. I could ask questions to reviewer quickly and reviews would be much more fluent than text. Maybe you could chat with the other player during the game, think it would be very funny and you could make friends easier.

Havent seen this feature in any other go server also. Think it would rock!!

See ya!!.. Hope to see supporting comments!! :wink:

We currently have do have voice broadcast/chat during reviews and demos! The person giving the review can talk and can add others to do the same. Look for a microphone and speaker icon on a review or demo that you own right above the chat box.


I would never have realized this! Thanks so much for letting the word out, my developer brother!

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I didn’t know the reviewer in bradcasts can add other people to speak!!.. Nice to know it!..

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