Feature Suggestion: Improve "Hide Ranks and Ratings" settings

-Add the option to remove ranks from sgf file when downloading it
-Sort users in alphabetical/random order in chats instead of rank order
-Hide ranks from the “seek graph”


Not sure what your use is but isn’t it quite easy to delete the ranks from an sgf anyway?
But I’m with you on the others, especially the third one!

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(2) seems like something that should be done for all users - why is rank sorting relevant in chat??
(3) :+1: I assume it just hasn’t been done because implementation is a little more complicated

(1) Is this something all “hide rank” users might want? I can see why you wouldn’t want them in there, but I could also imagine some other user expect SGFs to have complete information, even if they’ve hidden the ranks on the site.


OP is asking (1) as an option, that means that doesn’t concern all the users.

Sure, the reason I ask the question is it might make sense just to change it for all “hide rank” users instead of making it a separate option. People already find the settings pages daunting…


Well I do agree myself with OP to keep it as an option whatever.

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You can sort the users in chat alphabetical by clicking on the head of the chat user list.


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