Features everyone secretly want on OGS but will never be implemented

A fun mode where the players have only three “add a random stone for the opponent’s next move” choices … do you want to spoil the opponent’s plans? Is there a ko you need to win? Click “Submit and the opponent gets a random stone on the board” and you actually get to play again on the same area …

Unless the random stone is actually useful to the opponents eheheh :innocent:

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I already do this by hand.
Not that difficult to require automatic tasks. :smile:

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Yep. I thought it could go a bit against the rating system so prone to not be well accepted, but I find it fun and respectable in itself. We could put a name (“duel”?) fix an automatic format, a bit like a ladder format, and spread it between OGS players.

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This is hilarious. Now I want this.

But also, doesn’t conditional resign just mean you should resign? :wink: I need a conditional pass though


A conditional resign might be used if your opponent does not fall for your last chance desperate trick play. However, if the opponent does fall for a trick play, then the conditional move might want to select something else, since then there may still be a chance to win.


(this is a video you can play by clicking on it)

Edit: Sorry, this was actually implemented. You can view a game, open developer tools and paste this line into the javascript console:

DOC=document;DOC.getElementsByClassName("goban-container")[0].insertAdjacentHTML('afterend','<div style="background:salmon;color:black;padding:2px;z-index:99;"><input id="SPEDE" type="range" min="0" max="1000" value="15" style="width:100%"/></div>');ROT=0;setInterval(function() {ROT=ROT+DOC.getElementById("SPEDE").valueAsNumber;DOC.getElementById("board-canvas").parentNode.style.transform=`rotate(${ROT/80}deg)`; }, 33);

Secretly desired feature: For those games where your opponent just doesn’t know when to resign, Autopilot™ will play decent moves (minus 3-5 points per move), and your game will be hidden until the game becomes interesting again.

Autopilot button only revealed if you are ahead by 50 pts!


A trick move tool. With a pattern recognition behind, every time a trick move may be disponible on the board you get it as suggestion.
Let’s get some muscle for OGS community!
For make it working, as soon as a player chose that move, the trick box vanish for the opponent.


Suggestion from a friend playing live…


I suggested already autopass blitz mode somewhere.
This is not crazy idea and I hope it will implemented. It will actually make possible 1-3 second / move blitz. If you don’t click in 1 second, then you just pass, game don’t instantly ends after starting. Current 1s/move is absurd - this will fix it.


Would go well with the trick box

An alternative is to have it send custom emotes when you press resign like


I think this one is kind of fun because it looks like someone flipping the board but it also says lol :slight_smile: Thanks @yebellz


I would love a feature that automatically suppresses posts like this one :grin:



And lichess-style game challenges/invitations:

Screen Shot 2020-12-06 at 16.50.04


this would be a great feature, deserving of an actual request


Totally off-topic but could anyone tell me what this switch does?


Related, my guess?

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Or this could be not “Full AI Play” but “AI Help” that could be activated say 3 times per game. If this option will be available for both players, it looks feasible and quite interesting.

Instead of numbers or pourcentage, I would like a small saï avatar, with a great variety of sentences and expression to comment moves. He could appear on kibbitz too.


This and the autopass feature would be very sensible additions.