Feedback: **ideas** A bunch of thought's I've had while using OGS

Finding friends:
I’m missing a link to “friends” in the left menu. Clicking home is unintuative.

Finding reviews:
I would like to easily be able to find all the games I’ve been a party to and that have been reviewed.

Last On:
Being able to see the last time a friend logged on would be sweet.

Mail -> Email:
A settings where I can get email when someone mails me would be welcome. Right now I have to log on to see it.

Score during review:
It would be really nice if one could calculate the score of a game that’s being reviewed. Right now it seems you have to count the points.

Correlating comments to board state 1:
When reading reviews, it’s difficult to correlate comments to variations. It would be awesome if the variation and branch were tagged with the particular comment.

Correlating comments to board state 2:
Same with just regular comment. For example, the game would be useful to some to know which move had just been made at the time of comment.

Hey chopper, welcome to OGS and thanks for your feedback. :blush:

Because the Devs get so many mails with suggestions and feature requests each day, please use, where you have 10 votes to vote upon already requested features or even suggest own ideas. It makes it much easier for the devs to see and collect new ideas, as well as user demand (by voting).


I’ve found uservoice to be a terrible medium for ideas. Ideas get buried in the masses and the ones which show up early with a lot of votes just get more.

Oh, also, you’re welcome to ignore these suggestions. I’m not going to go through the trouble of entering 7 different suggestions there.

Thing is, @chopper, the trouble of creating seven different suggestions over there is a LOT smaller than the trouble of going through hundreds of posts similar to yours, and actually a small price to pay for a chance to get one’s ideas implemented, for free, in free service. Your reply sounds a bit snappy, doesn’t it?


No, I don’t think it sounds snappy.

OK, then I assume you didn’t mean it to sound snappy :wink:

Peace, Tom


Also, thanks for your ideas nevertheless, it’s just that the chance of them being noticed is a LOT smaller this way, which would be sad. I mean, we could go and hire somebody to run through the forum and count “likes” :smiley: but kidding aside: I really believe that suggesting ideas is better over there than here. Might be different with bug reporting, but that may also depend on the bug(s).

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The Devs read every suggestion, forum and uservoice, thus your ideas will not be buried. However, keeping them in one place (Uservoice) is easier to manage.

By not typing them into the system, they will be lost within the forums, and not more then a memory when the Devs will decide what to code next. (While they probably browse the Uservoice lists)

The amount of feedback on OGS is huge. The Devs have friends, family, a full-time job, and the little time that is left is put into making OGS (for free). Give back a little of your own time and use the system we propose.

Thank you.


Correct :wink:

Tell you what. I’ll compromise. Pick your favorite or two, and I’ll put them in uservoice. All you need to do is tell me the numbers.

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Already suggested:
OGS-Menu: Please give my old friendlist back!
Show friends that are online on the left sidebar

Already possible, go to the Server Library and insert your name as one of the players’ ones and check the “Reviews Only” option.

Already suggested:
See when your friend was last online

The notification preferences in the settings should count for email notifcations (I’m rather unsure on this). There is a option to notifcate on “A user sends you a mail message”.

That was suggested multiple times, but hasn’t appeared on uservoice yet.

For reviews the reviewer can use the comment box instead of the chat to communicate resulting in a cleaner relationship between comment and moves/variations.
For games there is still the option to use the move headings (the chat is seperated in lines posted per move).
That works quite well, however, if you wish to have a better system, please explain it, since I don’t know what exactly you mean by “tagging” it.

The best part of uservoice is that creating a new suggestion doubles as searching for existing ones – that way you can easily find stuff related to topics. :wink:


Finding reviews:I would like to easily be able to find all the games I’ve been a party to and that have been reviewed.
Already possible, go to the Server Library and insert your name as one of the players’ ones and check the “Reviews Only” option.

There’s actually reviews that show up on the profile page too I noticed. This is a “quick” way which doesn’t require any searching. However, for my page I have only two results, and I don’t know how they got there, nor how to add more. I’ve been in more reviews than two. How does it work?

And thank you for your awesome write-up :slight_smile:

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Those are reviews and demo boards which you own (i.e. have created).


Thanks. :slight_smile: I guess after flowing’s writeup, you can easily choose.

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Alright, here’s the ticket for correlating chat/comments with state of the board: