Final comments at the end of a game

Good game.


Okay I’m ready to respond but… My opponent is gone.

Sometimes I catch them in private chat but there should be a better way.

I’m thinking that, after a game is over, one side can still put in final comments and, if a comment exists, the games stays in the game list or shows up in notification.

Just once. Once a player returns to see the comment or dismisses the notification, neither player will hear about that game again.

Just an idea that I will likely forget about if I don’t write it down.


I “sort of” like the idea … only “sort of” because I believe it would not be too easy to implement because …

  1. It needs to be added to the game code. Okay, I guess that would be the easiest part, but then …
  2. There will be people who want to opt-out of this, so it would probably have to be a preference, …
  3. and this would lead to …
  4. … and
  5. and probably more.

Therefore, IF I have something to say to my opponent, I write it in the game chat and then I copy/paste it to a private chat with them. (And usually I also mention the Malkovich chat where I often leave variants and comments.)

This is very little work for me to do, but I believe it would be a LOT of work for our devs (but then again, IANAC [I am not a coder]).

<edit> Dang, I wanted the list to begin with “0.” :sunglasses: but the forum software doesn’t allow it :joy: ) </edit>


Just goes to show forum software isn’t written by programmers. :slight_smile: Wait. What? Actually, why wouldn’t it let you start at zero? Wouldn’t programmers (and maybe mathemeticians) be the first people to see 0 as a valid number to start a list at?

(my last off-topic comment here)

I actually have created a list that begins with zero (“0.”), but in the right pane with the preview as well as when I click “reply” it is translated to a list that begins with one (“1.”) :smiley:

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As a question to the developers: I too think that it is a great idea to make chat messages available when somebody chats to you in a game that you played.

I’m not sure what the best solution would be, but some way to change the interface so it removes the (often perceived rude) behaviour of ‘game ended’, ‘one comment left’, ‘gone’ to something more pleasant would be a very good thing indeed.