Findgoplayers why not give a try?

hello everybody,

why not signin here :

I did. You’ll never what it will become. easier to find new live players ?


This is a great ressource, and I registered!

Everyone should do it. :slight_smile:

I had once registered to something really similar. It even had really similar looking logo. I think it died for some reason.
Is this brand new stuff or reincarnation of the old one?
I prefer the world go club map at

Edit: I see now that this is the “spiritual successor” of igolocal. That’s the site I remembered. All the data seems to be lost though :frowning: It had alot of dated stuff though.

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Ya, it appears to be a clone of Igolocal. The author of Igolocal kind of fell off the face of the earth and let the website laps. The website Pempu linked was another attempt to recreate igolocal. I spent one afternoon adding a good 30-40 go clubs to the google engines site so I can confirm the majority of the u.s. Go clubs are active and still meet up.

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Data mining site, IMHO, just like igolocal apparently was … plus advertising his programming abilities. Didn’t give an answer when he was asked on L19 what happened to the old data :-1:

I also prefer the open [World Go Clubs Map][1](created by Dylan Carter) that @Pempu mentions.

Greetings, Tom