Finished Game is "stuck " in the notification

There is a long finished game still stuck in my notifictations and I can´t get rid of it. So it jumps there after every move I do in an active game. its nearly since 2 weeks now!
Any ideas what to do??
This is the game
Thanks a lot!

I have no idea, but just throwing out the standard suggestions:

  1. Have you logged out of your account on all devices, logged back in on a single device, closed the notification, logged back out, logged back in?

  2. Have you cleared your browser cache and site related data from your browser? Might be some corrupted data in there somewhere.

Thanks for your reply! Yes I tried and checked your suggestions already!
It is strange because it is only this one game, its always jumping to it as if I had to make a move now.

I feel you, this indeed happens sometimes (quite often)

okay, thank you! Does that mean that it might disappear one day?

i think mods like @AdamR or @GreenAsJade usually fix those when they notice them :wink:

Would it be appropriate to flag the game for moderator attention?

Yes, I think that a report on the game is the best thing. I personally am not in a position to fix it, but a game report has the best chance of those who can do (if indeed anyone can) seeing it. It puts the information in the right place.


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