Finished game still shows as "active"

I won a ranked game an hour and a half ago. On my profile page, it still shows as active. Why? Is there anything I can do about it? Will I get credit for that win?

There seems to be some kind of bug since the new site went live a couple months ago. This has happened to be many times before too. But rest assured. Give it some time. You will get credit for the win and it will clear itself in time.

Thanks. I hope you are right.

I do not have an answer as to why or how long it will take to clear itself. Only a developer like @anoek can shed some some light on this.

My opponent’s time in this live game ran out more than 12 hours ago and the game is still active.

In situations like this I would just refresh the page and try to log out and again log in.

This doesn’t make sense. This problem is server side.



This game has ended for timeout for more than two days and is still active.

Summoning @anoek

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I have a ladder game that ended by timeout on June 2nd and is still shown under “Challenging” in the ladder view, preventing me from sending a new (third) challenge. Same bug?

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The bug happened again:

The game above ended by timeout but on the ladder it is still shown as active, I didn’t move up in ranks and I can’t challenge a new player, so I can only have two active challenges right now.

Yup, sorry still happens from time to time. :frowning: I will relay to the devs, should be okay around tomorrow.