First game at the club since a while ago

So I played my first face to face game at my local club that I’ve played in awhile, and my opponent recorded our game and was nice enough to send it along. Since it was relatively free of I-don’t-know-why-I-did-that mistakes (save for one ill-advised invasion where, due to not being used to a real board anymore, I thought my neighboring stones were closer than they were) I figured I’d offer it up to get a bit of a checkup on my play style.

I am black.

Attachment-1.sgf (1.9 KB)

Never embedded an SGF before, so here’s hoping it works…

The silly invasion I referenced is move 51.

Nice game. But looking at move 16 you have to say the opening was good for white. Black 9 looks severe, but white was happy to just seal black in the corner and sketch a strong position on the top. Black 9 could have been F16, C12, O17, and black would be happier. (possible continuation: R14, Q18, R17, L17)

Sorry for going quiet after requesting a review.

I see your point. A lot of my quest lately has been to recognize where territory is forming at earlier and earlier points. Clearly I didn’t see the top appearing until it was too late.