First game in a long time: did I mis-read the position completely?

I tried playing a quick 9x9 game (vs. a weak bot) after a long time (1 year) and quickly resigned as the situation seemed hopeless after just a few moves:

My reasoning was: top-left and left are solidly white, I have a few points in the center and a few more top right, but I cannot prevent white from making a live group in the bottom right, so the game is lost.

Then I tried a review with katago in Sabaki and to my surprise it looks as I was definitely winning, because white cannot defend the group in the lower right, contrary to my assessment.

Is this correct?
katago suggests H4 as the attack move, followed by W H5 and B G2. Assuming this is correct, how can one “see” H4? I would have thought it to be completely suicidal, when all the Black help is on the other side of the white group.

Was the game set up as a private game by any chance?

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I cannot view the game either

Ouch! I went with the default settings, didn’t pay attention to the private toggle. Shows how out of touch with the site I am :frowning:

Can I revert it to public?

You can download the game and upload it again to your SGF library (see the side menu)

Ah, thanks. I did it, but there is no public/private toggle. Are uploaded games public by default?

Ah, I see the public/private toggle applies ot the whole collection. Should be alright then

updated link:

You kinda stopped before the game was over, but…

Make sure you go for the corners first, then the sides, and the centre last. You went for the centre first this game.

Assuming this is correct, how can one “see” H4?

Speaking as a SDK, I think the way to find this move is by first recognizing, from experience, that H4 is a possible candidate move. Then I would have to do some reading to check if it works. In a blitz game without sufficient time to read with confidence, I might take a stab with H4 or some other move to attack the lower right and see how it plays out.