First time ever that I feel the threat of a cheating player

As a go learner, I have never seen this side of go before, a cheater.
Look at my screen shot here… I don’t have a word anymore.

For future reference, you can call moderator from the right-side menu before it comes to a time-out and you can ask for help in chat.

Dont put go on a pedestal. It is not exempt from cheating.


Was this in correspondence? That’s unfortunate.

FYI if you call the moderator before the score thing times out, there is more they can do. After scoring finishes, they might be limited to annulling the game.


just out of curiosity, how did you end up like this?
you can “disagree” about the score.


For the record, the OP did report, and action was taken.

This is true. I was suprised that someone would be interested in distrupting an eclectic community like this, but I guess people are the same everywhere.

There are a few trolls out there who visit us from time to time - this was one of those. Don’t feed them, just report them.



I didn’t agree on the score here so I didn’t click anything. Basically, I did nothing then I switched to another tab of the browser, I checked after that I was shocked that it ended up like this.

I thought it should be decided automatically by the robot for the winner but turned out like this is so weird.

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You are mistaken about this.

It is the players’ responsibility to ensure that the accepted score is correct.

If you accept the score and your opponent fails to do so also in a timely fashion, please report it.

Refer to here for more detail on how scoring works. The scoring estimator gives you an initial count, so you don’t have to laboriously count every stone yourself, but it can’t deal with some situations (seki and the like), so you do need to check.

Unfortunately because of this, your opponent can attempt to cheat by selecting a wrong score. Please report people who do this.



I had a doubt like yours and I learned a lot with the things explained by a moderator in the screen of the game In doubt about scoring and stone removal . I played some hundred games without knowing exactly how to proceed in cases like yours. Were happy to ask and learn.