Fischer bug in time limit?

I’m not sure if this is a bug or not, but the times listed under player names far exceed the stated maximum, as follows (and highlighted in screen grab, below):

  • Game information -> Time Control says “… up to a maximum of 3 Days
    22 Hours 24 Minutes”
  • Below each player’s name it shows 31 or 30 days.

– Thanks!

Here is the game url

I have noticed that the “game info” window for fischer timings is not correct. It has been correct still in the players boxes as far as I can tell. Are you sure you did not create this kind of super long game? It would be helpful if you remember what the time settings were when you created the game.

It’s a tournament game, if that helps at all. Here is the tournament url

Maybe that is how it was set up. I don’t know. Thank you.

Says “Time Control
2 weeks+ 12 hours/move” so it seems it’s working correctly. It is just the “Game Info” that is broken with Fischer system. It has been reported earlier also

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Yeah sorry, it’s been on the todo list… since it’s “only” a info display thing i haven’t made it a priority yet tough. Soonish though, most of the serious bugs are taken care of now :slight_smile:

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