Fix/Request: SGF Library Komi

I realized, that whenever I upload a sgf file from any source, the komi in the OGS library is 0.5 whereas the actual komi was 6.5 (other sgf editors like sabaki or AI Sensei website take the proper komi, so it’s not the file itself). Is it a bug?

Since I would love to use your engines to review games from all kinds of different servers, its kind of a deal breaker for me. For now I have to stick with AI Sensei for that. If you have the time, maybe you could implement a way of editing the sgf.


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It seems to work fine for me in recognising the komi from an sgf file.

To narrow down the issue, where are the games coming from that you’re trying to upload? Another go server, from sabaki, from waltheri or go4go or GoGod for pro games etc?

You can always edit komi in sabaki too. I’ve done it for games that were played on pandanet with the wrong komi (both players knew and would count with correct komi after), I edit the komi in sabaki save and upload it to OGS with no problem. Sabaki also cleans up the format a bit for the SGF. I mean it makes it more unreadable for a person in a text editor but still.


I think OGS expects the komi(and size) property to be in a certain place in the SGF. Some editors format it differently. It has been a while since I’ve used the library so I can’t be much more helpful but try moving the KM[0.5] tag to the front of the SGF before you upload it.


Worked for me when I needed to fix up a 13x13 SGF, you can remove size since 19x19 is the default.

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Thanks for the quick response!

I was uploading games from Fox, and indeed sabaki showed 0 Komi as well. That seemed to be the “problem”. After editing and uploading, it was working just fine.
Could have sworn it had 6.5 Komi, and AI Sensei was filling it in as well. Maybe its inserting the standard komi if it cannot find it in the proper location…who knows…

Thanks for helping out! now I can use the engine(s) properly over here!


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