Fix to player not resigning

there should be a permant fix to player not resigning.

A simple solution is to let spectators to decide. For example, when someone login, he is responsible for deciding one or two games. It takes at most 30 seconds.

People would be happy to do this, and bad players would soon lose their incentives to mess around with the scoring system.

An improvement can be something like this: before i play a game with my opponent, both of us would decide for another controversial game together. If i can see my opponent cheats at this stage, i can refute the decision and refuse the game…

All you need to do is call a mod they’ll fix the result.

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It takes sometime for the moderator to respond…
And the bad opponents do not experience any direct pressure… if someone can respond immediately, people would be less likely to cheat.

Your system sounds more open to abuse than our current one. Just my opinion.


What a bad idea. So rather than just messing up their own games, those players you are complaining about could also mess with other games.


The chance of playing with a bad player is low.

The chance of playing with a bad player and having bad spectators at the same time is extremely low.

And the spectator does not have the incentive to misuse thr system

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I’m afraid such a system would be an invitation to trolls to do their mischief.


Trolling is the incentive, also you can’t expect 10kyu to correctly assess a game played between two dans. So even if they think they are helping they might not be.

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The majority of the cases are very simple and a 10ku can easily decide,

Moderators are not necessarily dan level either

That’s why moderators should be able to handle that.

That’s not necessarily what we are talking about. How about two honest players and a bad spectator?
Plus that might not be true (see below).

Unless there is a relationship between the spectator account and one of the player accounts maybe? That would be a tempting and easy way to hack the system you are promoting.

Also, some people have incentives other than just boosting their rank.

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Out of curiosity, what is actually going on in that game?

It appears, when I click through it, that both players are passing, but it isn’t ending.

What’s up with that?

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The idea is to make it everyone’s responsibility to decide for some other games.

Everyone is supposed to decide for some other random game…

The randomness will reduce the misuse.

Fyi the moderator has not taken action yet

The opponent deliberately induced a timeout.
It happens to his other games too.

I am sorry I don’t see that working at all and I do not see it necessary at all. Most people are lazy and I am pretty sure most players would not want to score other games that are boring to them. Also vast majority of games has no issue at all. I for one have not once had a problem (apart from some solitary timeout).
The randomness would not reduce the misuse at all. Trolls do not target specific people, trolling random games would be just perfect.
Also the timeing would be terrible, when someone logs in? I am logged in almost constantly and I do not think there is someone logging in every second. Would I have to wait 10 mins to get a game scored? Would I have to score a game while in the middle of another game?

Yes, sometimes it takes a while. There is no rush. Just play other games in the meantime. If you know about a player who deliberately times out, report him. Nothing else is needed. Just be happy playing other games and a mod will eventually look at the game, reverse the result and punish the culprit. What else do you need? Just relax :slight_smile:


I see 50 live games getting played at the moment, assume each game lasts 30 minutes, it would take around a minute to find someone who is willing to help. Typically it takes me 30 seconds to decide who is winning. Therefore, the total waiting time would be 2 minutes, which is acceptable.

I would ask for help it when someone just finished the game, so that will be distracted.

Well, I see 40 games.
Like 10 of those players are bots
about 20 of those are below 15k which I am sorry, but they are not really yet ready to score games.
10 of those will go to lunch right after they finish
30 of those are lazy and find it boring to score other games they want to play for themselves.
Then you also have to take into account that it is sunday, different timezones, and all the other points that were mentioned in this thread. The waiting time WOULD NOT be 2 minutes. And even if it were I for one would not like it more than the current system which works just perfectly in most cases.

and 1 of them is troll who will do it frequently just to piss people off.


Why is it so urgent to get your game scored in under 2 mins? What is the downside to just reporting the game to a mod and moving on with your life?


The one time it happened to me it was late at night, and when I buzzed for a Moderator and asked directly for help in ending the game, the Moderator responded quickly. I believe the request must be clear, so the Moderator knows how to respond and has no questions or uncertainties, but I was impressed by the speed in which I was “unhooked” from the Non-Resigning leech.

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I’ve always appreciated your calm, civilized attitude in various controversies (even when I’ve been on the other side :smile:). You set a great example for all of us.


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