Flags Suggestion

###Flag Customization###

I would like to ask if users can change their flags, but still retain their country. Meaning, the country and the flag are not tagged together or relevant, but separated, in a way people can pick their own flags. One way I think is to have the flags on a big square (like a Javascript text box). Another way is like a profile picture. You could upload your flag that scales to the size of the flag. (For example, a flag standard is 20 x 40. If the flag is not around 20 x 40, the flag will be scaled to either 20 x n or n x 40)

Thank you.

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A nice idea, but certainly not the most important feature for the website right now. :smiley:

What I could imagine myself for a future system, is, to make the Country Text customizable. That way you can have a custom flag (Like the Pirate one), but keep your Country (e.g. USA) in the profile.

Your flag and mine are still not visible in the sidebar of the chat, Franzisa. This is clearly the single most important issue facing the site right now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Haha. :smiley:

A fix is in the works though.