For the Glory of Kibitz: how do we work this out?

The chatroom exists already. If you go to the Chat page, you can access it by clicking on your groups name on the right side. Since nobody knows that, nobody uses it.

I took the freedom to make a pull request to add the chat window directly to the groups page.

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Thanks I figured I would

  1. wait until there was a live game going
  2. post on the OGS forums telling people about the chat idea
  3. provide a link to the Live Kibitz group so people could join
  4. provide instructions for going to the group chat
  5. enjoy kibitzing with whomever showed up

also - I just created the Live Kibitz group chat today, so I understand it’s a ghost town for now - I’m assuming it probably won’t see any new members until a new live game-watching opportunity presents itself

thanks for your assistance!


Nice thing about groups is that the members get a notification by email as well, when you create a news post.


I didn’t know that! That is definitely something that goes a long way to helping this sort of thing work.

  1. b) As previously mentioned, I definitely recommend posting in the English chat channel as well (when the time comes). They often seem more interested in kibitzing than actually playing. :wink:

I will definitely go through all the different notification steps noted above.

The really funny part is going to be when the next exciting thing happens on Friday Aug 9th, and I will be in San Francisco for my sister’s wedding, and will totally miss all the announcements and completely drop the ball on any of this because I will be Away From Keyboard :wink:

Hilarity will ensue!