Forgot my password

Where is the forgot my password link? I can’t find it on the new site.


Same problem here, I can’t remember my password. Is there a way to retrieve it from the site?

Same problem too. I tried few ways:

  • authentification with Facebook (the same email) - not work
  • emailing to - no answers

Working on it. We’ll keep you posted. Sorry for the inconvenience.

good news.
can a moderator suspends my games till then?

@tiiibi sending you private message on the site right now :slight_smile:

Same here.
I neither can log in nor send me a password.


Hello, same problem, cannot recover password, or change it.

Looks like no email associated, so i’m completely blocked.

Thanks for help. should redirect you to , where there is now a “forgot your password” link.

Hello, yes, but

Could you maybe reset my password to something simple (like ‘Password’ for example)