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is there a way to have notifications inside the forum (the blue number on top right, over the profile image) BUT not having them as emails?
I think I searched accurately between settings but didn’t find this.

More precisely: when I am “watching” a thread, I receive notification by emails.
I would like to “watch” them only by having the blue number in forum webpage.
I would also continue receiving mail when someone messages me, quotes me, etc.
Just stop receiving mails that say “someone posted on Go memes! thread”. :slight_smile:

Could anyone help me?

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Settings > Preferences > Emails is all there is…


If I have understood you correctly; this is what you need to have:


Also another tweak you might find usefull is

where you might change the tracking of individual posts.
Say you want to get all your normal notifications but are no longer interested in the meme thread, you can just mute the single thread in there

(it’s at the end of each thread. I just realized that my juvenile drawing might have made it a little hard to orient yourself :smiley: )


@Kosh: I have both checked because I like to receive email notification if someone either messages me or quotes me or replies to my post and so on

I wouldn’t get email notification for new post in threads I’m watching.

@AdamR: let me too be juvenile (today’s my birthday and I’m 50 now, so it may be a balm for my soul :wink: )

I would like to have THIS:


without having one email for each one of these:

Probably the best thing is to disable emails just like Kosh said. I wouldn’t get email notifications for all the love and quotes, but I visit the forum daily anyway, so I won’t be unaware of them.


Nothing like a bit of friendly salt <3

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I simply disabled all email spam… the notifications in the top right are wholly sufficient.


I agree. I am here everyday anyhow so I never use - nor supplied - my email address anyway…
Just check in, check out :sunglasses:

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