Four Bugs in One Tournament


Well first up, the tournament was set up with simple time (2min/move). This is a known bug ( "Time control: simple" doesn't work properly ) but everyone played quickly enough that it didn’t matter so this isn’t my main point. :smirk:


As with all live tournaments, this message is shown on the page:


but three of the six registered participants were not online at the start and yet were not removed until after the first round. This was a little irksome and I’m not aware of an existing thread on this possible bug but without these ‘shadow-participants’ the tournament wouldn’t have started so this is not my main point either. :smirk:


As if One-Color-Go wasn’t hard enough, the tournament created simultaneous games (or at least one). This is a known bug ( Tournament assigned two games at once to each player ) and is listed on Github so I image it will be resolved in time and therefor this is not my main point either. :smirk:


Despite timing out in the first round, two players were still assigned games in the second round. Specifically this game and my opponent in this game where I made the mistake of timing out because it was one of those bogus simultaneous games that doesn’t actually count in the tournament. Note however that timing-out still got me disqualified for round 3. So be warned! However this bug is probably connected to #3 above and so this is not my main point either. :smirk:

We had awesome fun playing One-Color-Go!

Main Point: “Claim fun in your heart and entertainment shall follow” :partying_face:


woo yeah

I suggest to rename the topic title as “Four bugs in one tournament, but that isn’t the main point!” :wink:

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