Free game reviews on the stream

Hello everyone, I am baduk wei, A 7 dan player in Taiwan.
I also teach for 5 years in my country.
And now I am holding a special activity online. Here’s the information.

I will review some games on my steam. So please share your game with us!
And I would like to invite you to join the voice channel to discuss with me. And every review has chances to become one of my Youtube video!
I will use OGS for my stream
I will stream from Monday to Thursday at 8 pm. ( GMT+8, Taiwan Standard Time , TST) ( it’s 7 am in EST and 12 pm in GMT )
I will stream on weekends irregularly and I am not sure about the time.
The specials will last to 31.01.2022.

Way to join:

  1. Join my discord : Badukwei's Tutorial
  2. Leave your game and information on it.

And here are the links of my stream and youtube channel.
twitch : Twitch
youtube : Baduk_Wei - YouTube