French Open Go Championship 2016

From Friday, August 26th, to Sunday, August 28th, the French Open Go Championship 2016 will be held in Grenoble, France and the top boards will be relayed on OGS!
Participants can be seen here.

The games will be played under French rules and Swiss system with 7 rounds.
Time per player will be 1h15min + 15stones/5min.

Schedule (times UTC+2)

Friday, Aug. 26th:
13:00 1st round
17:00 2nd round

Saturday, Aug. 27th:
09:00 3rd round
14:00 4th round
18:00 5th round

Sunday, Aug. 28th:
09:00 6th round
13:00 7th round
17:00 award ceremony

Results here

Photos (from the last years too)

This post will be updated with links to all demo boards on OGS, winner bolded.

Round 1 relays
Dai Junfu 7d – César Lextraid 4d
Thomas Debarre 6d – Louis Dumont 3d
Xiao Chunyang 3d – Noguchi Motoki 7d
Tanguy Le Calvé 6d – Pierre Inigo Yanez 3d

Round 2 relays
Jean-Loup Naddef 4d – Tanguy Le Calvé 6d:
Baptiste Noir 4d – Thomas Debarre 6d:
Noguchi Motoki 7d – Imamura-Cornuejols Toru 4d:
Fabien Lips 4d – Dai Junfu 7d:

Round 3 relays
Antoine Fenech 5d – Dai Junfu 7d:
Noguchi Motoki 7d – Denis Karadaban 5d:
Tanguy Le Calvé 6d – Rémi Campagnie 6d:
Thomas Debarre 6d – Jérôme Salignon 5d:

Round 4 relays
Tanguy Le Calvé 6d – Noguchi Motoki 7d:
Rémi Campagnie 6d – Baptiste Noir 4d:
Alban Granger 4d – Antoine Fenech 5d:
Dai Junfu 7d – Thomas Debarre 6d:

Round 5 relays
Dai Junfu 7d – Tanguy Le Calvé 6d:
Jérôme Salignon 5d – Noguchi Motoki 7d:
Aurélien Morel 2k – Franck Garand 4k:
Denis Karadaban 5d – Thomas Debarre 6d:

Round 6 relays
Noguchi Motoki 7d – Dai Junfu 7d:
Toru Imamura-Cornuéjols 4d – Thomas Debarre 6d:
Antoine Fenech 5d – Tanguy Le Calvé 6d:
Florent Labouret 4d – Rémi Campagnie 6d:

Round 7 relays
Rémi Campagnie 6d – Dai Junfu 7d:
Thomas Debarre 6d – Tanguy Le Calvé 6d:
Antoine Fenech 5d – Jean-Loup Naddef 4d:
Denis Karadaban 5d – Baptiste Noir 4d:


For information the 14th registered player is 4d so plenty of 4 - 5 - 6d and even Motoki Noguchi 7d (French open champion 2015) and Dai Junfu 8d (French Champion 2015) =)

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Awesome, hope to see a good crowd watching.

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results can be found here :
And you will find pictures of the first day here :


Summary of the event for french-spoken users :

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