French Women Go Championship tomorrow



Tomorrow the French Women Championship will take place in Grenoble.
The rounds will be played at 2pm and 5pm tomorrow, and at 10am and 1:30pm on Sunday.
We will be broadcasting the first table on OGS.

Who should I contact tomorrow to spotlight this retransmission ?

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Hello, those times in CET? :slight_smile:


Nice. Who are the players? Is there a webpage on this event somewhere?


I found this page:

EDIT: and the list of players:


Yes, UTC+1 !


[13:44] ffgscribe: hello could you please annonce it :

[13:45] ffgscribe: French women go chqmpionship 2018 - 1st round - Ariane Ougier (4d W) vs May Soua Ya (3k - N)

[13:45] ffgscribe:

[13:45] ffgscribe: thx =)


[16:57] ffgscribe: French women go championship 2018 - 2nd round

[16:57] ffgscribe:

[16:58] ffgscribe: could you put up a banner please ? =)