Friendly match/ranked

How can you see if a match is ranked or not?
Can you please visualize this better!
Some people host games called ‘friendly match’ while they are ranked games.

All games which are not part of a tournament (or ladder) are called “friendly match” per default, even though they are rated.

You can see if your game is rated or not by clicking the game information button (i) in your game.

So if made let’s say the fifth column in the game selections screen something like “ranked” column with simple yes or no indication, would that solve your problem? Or are you talking about something else?

I made a request, earlier, that “ranked” status have a column of it’s own… seems like an obvious important differentiator to be able to filter by and easily see…

I’m confused, where are you looking for games in which this isn’t obvious?

I too am now confused :smiley:
My first post was intended as a jest. Not sure if @GreenAsJade just outsarcasmed me, or if everyone is talking about something else :smiley:

I think @ScrubRasta was talking about when you look at the game board and totally forgot if this one is ranked or not, how to see it? As far as I know, the only way to tell is to click on the game info button in that screen.

Well err … I missed the sarcasm :S I was referring to the user’s history/profile page listing, where the ranked status is visible but kind of obscured in the comment about the game, and could do with it’s own column, like in the challenges page.

:smiley: this is priceless

For the user history/profile page, filtering could accomplish what you want. Here’s a ogs user voice proposal if you would like to vote to support it.

I don’t think that site is being used anymore.

Looks like Devs were still replying at least as of 3 months ago. If you sort the issues by Top, you can see they responded recently to more than one.

Example where they commented they’ll be starting development on new features.

So put your votes in to get your voice counted :slight_smile:

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@anoek Did I dream it, or did someone tell me that the devs aren’t using uservoice anymore?

Oh you might be right. Github comes with an issue tracker and it seems to be way more active. My personal opinion is that the uservoice is a good interface for the less technical people. I’m sure github has some great integration for the developers, but I like the way uservoice takes input.

I agree about UV being easier for people not much tech inclined, but as I see it, the problem there was that too many good suggestions were quickly buried under the sheer number of entries and thus got lost.

And on GitHub is actually easier to add a new issue than I’d thought (I’m not a coder), including screenshots, links, etc.

See here:

Looks like this:

(I think the coloured tags are added by @anoek and @matburt)

If you click on , you get this text entry field, pre-filled with information about how to use it:


There was a brief stint where we tried closing uservoice in favor of github, but I resurrected it, github is great for tracking issues, but feature requests are not necessarily issues and just kinda clutter the system up. Uservoice gives us a way to prioritize which feature requests are important, so I brought it back. We’re currently in a state where there are a bunch of feature requests in github, I’ll probably close those out and move them into uservoice at some point.


Oh well :expressionless:

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