Friends list?

I can’t find my friends list anywhere. Searching previous threads indicates I should have a little green people icon next to avatar in the top right, but it’s not there. Has this been changed, or is this just a wierd glitch on my end?

Should be in the upper right corner on any OGS page.

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Can confirm it is still there for me


If your friend’s list is currently empty, it could be grey instead of green and thus harder to see?

It’s just not there for me. Any ideas?noFriends

try logging out, deleting browser cookies and logging back in?

What browser are you using? It could be a JS issue if whoever’s been doing the UI hasn’t looked at your browser of choice.

It looks like you have a pop-up/ad-blocker that is advertising that it’s blocking something (that little number ‘1’ on the red shield with a lock). Maybe temporarily disable the blocker for the site and refresh. See if it’s blocking parts of the page you don’t want to block.

Did you ever solve the problem?

I tried disabling add-blocker and clear the browser cache, the freinds list does not show up.

Maybe it is because I have no freinds ;(
I mean that I have not invited any of them yet; Because I were not able to find the friend list where I could invite them.

You add friends from their username click on any user and a box appears with options to challenge, message, friend, etc.