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Recently, when I call up a player’s game history, I am presented with options regarding game size and ranked/unranked status.

While it is good to be able to interrogate histories using these parameters, I can’t see how to just bring up a player’s full history now. Is that not possible any more or am I just missing something?

Just don’t select any of the options?
I’m not the export on these things but I guess applying no filters gives you the full list.

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Perhaps you haven’t tried looking at someone’s game history (using android – don’t know about pc implementation)?

This is new. Cool!

If I click a button it selects a sub collection of your games. If I “unclick” (click again) the situation returns as it was before clicking.


I’m on Android, seems to work fine for me.

I tried one person and it seemed to work but I didn’t make extensive investigations. And just now I’ve been having connecting to the forums so there might be other glitches as well regular bugs.

Thanks, Atorrante.

I think this is perhaps best explained by referring to the buttons as ‘filter toggles’: you press one once, and the history you are reviewing is filtered accordingly; press it again and the filter is removed.

It might help to have a minimal description of how they work like that on the page. It’s possibly intuitive for some but my intuition didn’t grasp it.

I now notice that you can also filter by opponent, by entering the name in the appropriate place, followed by a CR. Not sure how you switch off that filter. Maybe delete the name and hit CR again?

You have misunderstood what I was saying, but it doesn’t matter as Atorrante has led me to understand how it works. (See my reply to them.)

I didn’t say there was anything wrong with it, did I? I just asked how to get back to the full listing, which apparently you know how to do but didn’t bother explaining.

Two people above me had already explained how to do it, but you specifically mentioned being on Android. So I confirmed that it works on android at my end to eliminate that as a possible cause, and didn’t see the need to repeat the advice listed above. Sorry for any confusion.

No, only Atorrante. Teapoweredrobot tried to help, but his advice was ‘do nothing’. Doing nothing when you have selected a filter does not deselect it. I wondered if he had actually tried it and asked that, adding that I was using android for his information, but he wrongly understood I was asking about filtering on opponent.

Possibly you and he both thought it was obvious that the buttons for size and those for ranking status were toggles for filtration of the display, so didn’t realize that’s what needed explaining. It wasn’t obvious to me because I don’t think I’ve ever seen software that acted like that, even though it’s perfectly reasonable once you know what to do.

Thank you for trying to help, even if unsuccessfully. The problem at heart is that a new feature was implemented with no guidance on how to use it.

Personally, I think the way filters are implemented in Outlook is much easier to understand with no guidance: there is a button marked ‘FILTER’ and when you click on it, a drop-down menu gives you self-explanatory options to filter the display, including ‘all’.

Hopefully, the next person who has the same problem I had will find this thread and understand what it’s all about.

No one has yet answered my query about switching off opponent filtering – where there is not a multiple choice selection between toggles. Testing, I find that my guess was correct. To switch off filtration by opponent, delete their name from the search line and press CR.

I notice, btw, that the toggles occupy part of the space assigned to selecting an opponent to filter by (on my android smartphone). I also notice that when you move from one player’s history to another’s, the state of the toggles persists but the filter by opponent doesn’t.

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I had a problem connecting to the forum after Atorrante answered, too. I don’t think it was connected to my query. Cloudflare, the anti-dds software, was timing out. Maybe a lot of demand just at that time?

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