Fun Tsumego with a twist ;)

Share it too then :slight_smile:

Right. Thats a possibility :grin:.

Oh! Interesting. Do you know where and when this custom came from? Does it have something to do with the gender of the “stone” word in chinese or japanese? I don’t even know if “stone” has a gender in these languages. Is this custom applied only to white stones?

I have recently been reading Janice Kim’s Learn to play go series (which is mostly a translation of a series by a Korean pro whose name I can’t remember off the top my head). I the first volume, published in the mid-90s I think she discusses this convention and her decision to use it in a way that left me with the impression that it wasn’t necessarily standard at the time. That doesn’t mean that’s not the case obviously but just a tidbit that’s relevant I guess.

I think it’s a very nice convention as it is both inclusive and useful :slight_smile:

Yes, I think so too :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the book reference, I found it on the web and the Korean pro player is Jeong Soo-hyun.

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Yes, that’s right! :slight_smile: I can’t remember exactly what is said regarding gender in there, but I hope you could find the passage online.

They’re a pretty good introduction to the game I think and there’s useful stuff in the later volumes for mid to low DDK players like myself. But to say more would be to venture off topic :slight_smile: