Fun with AI around my level

I’m not really talking about the gods AI 8-10d they crush me like a human 6d do to me, but i’d like to share my feeling about the AI around my level that I have some fair chance to beat at least.
Like crazystones running on my phone.

So when the AI came of public use, I was most interested to have a x dan in my pocket, because playing someone stronger became more and more rare when climbing the levels.
That had still the advantage to push me to play tournaments, a real opportunity to meet them face to face, and to care more on the quality of your play considering it was so a rare thing.

But now I’m concerned because finally I played them much less as what I expected.

My final impression is that:
The most important to win or have a good quality game is to be consistent. Not starting to get crazy on something, no delirium. Care on the global, try to find the biggest and play it or it will. The more consistent you are the more you discover that it’s not that strong afterwards, even I’d say a bit weak for the rest

So I feel like this guy keeping the students a bit longer at school to watch you do your homework, more as a friend with you sharing the dreams to be better at go.

Or another image came in my mind this time from the uni years. Most of my professors were really good and nice interesting teachers with whom I would greedy start an argument or stay hours more to be driven deeper in what they wanted to share to me.

But I had a very special kind of teachers too, which were boring. How can you be a good teacher if you are boring? Well it’s a serious matter, no pun intended. They came like a boring book, they have to go a bit longer on things we know in some way or we guessed it could be useful, practical but not for me.
They talk in a mono-tone voice, many times I felt sleepy…
So how can they be good at teaching? Well it happens they went to be so boring that they pushed me to think myself. Yeah, what’s behind the curtain? What if I think this instead of that? By making me so sleepy they had like a “voodoo” effect putting me steps up of their hypnosis (Or psychanalytic)

If I remind myself of that uni (happy) times it’s because I share a bit the same difference and interests, playing a human player or playing a bot.

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