Future ideas

Here’s a few ideas I’ve had for OGS, they probably aren’t possible right now, but if they could be in the future it would be a nice addition :slight_smile:

Head to head
A head to head screen before the game begins, can show the score between the players and show the rules (Komi, analysis enabled/Disabled ECT.)

Ratings for pleasant/unpleasant opponents
After a game having a rate this player option :+1: or :-1:

Webcam section
Webcam games to make the experience more like real life, currently can be done by other means but having this integrated would be awesome

Online Friends list status
If a friend is in a live game maybe make his name red or state (busy), and if someone isn’t in a live game and open to game invites having them green

What do you all think?


User ratings persist, and you can limit games to users above a certain +/- ratio ; )

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Head to head screen : not so useful to me, may even stress me more as necessary.

Rating friendly / unfriendly : the worst proposal here, you can do it by yourself (there is personal note for each player) but any enhancement in that way is not interesting to me. There are tools already to not play or chat with someone.

Webcam integration: sure, good idea.

Online status including busy: sure, even don’t have to be only for friends and could be switch on/off too.


Yes I’ve always thought it would be nice to have a mini wins for/against on the game board like what lichess has.

Won’t happen. Too similar to vigilante justice. Basically, the feel from the top is that this is what reports and moderators are for… If you feel you need this, that’s actually our failure and adding a different system isn’t the right answer.

Problematic since we have young children. I suspect this will never be an internal feature.

We already have games played by group members visible in the group chat page, so I feel like this is very possible to implement and would be really cool.


The win/loss is already on each profile so not that difficult to access at any time you want to.

Disabled analysis status is available in the game information

When I said head to head I meant more of a tale of the tape before a boxing match, sure it’s not essential in anyway but it’s more of a aesthetic thing than anything else, I myself check everything before accepting games anyway so it wouldn’t be something I personally need either, just seemed like a fun thing to place between accepting a game and the next thing you see is the board, either way just another throwaway idea thought I would share :slight_smile:

Peace :v:


I’m kind of minimalist, i even can’t stand coordinates around the goban, but i have nothing against your suggestion if It’s an option i can switch off.

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the head to head one is nice, i would definelty like for that to be implemented.