Future Request: See created game list on user profile

When I created a custom rengo* game and ask my friends to join it I figure out it is hard to find the game. If that game request appear on my profile it will be easy to find.

Do you mean you do a direct challenge (clicking on his name?)


Custom challenges open to everybody are in the “Play” page, under the chart.
If you meant to create an open challenge and then notify that to your friends, I agree that it could be difficult to see it when the page is crowded.
At the moment though I see only 3 live challenges and about 20 correspondence challenges, and the player’s name is the first information displayed near the “Accept” button, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Otherwise, if you meant to challenge a specific friend, you can do that directly, looking for his name in the friends list or in the main search menu and then click “challenge”:


Anyway I think it could be interesting, when visiting a player’s profile, to see there if they have any open challenge. I wonder if any of our volounteer devs could manage to add that feature.


I think they mean an open custom rengo challenge, intended for their friend to join.

The real answer would be a system of direct rengo challenge, like direct normal challenge. I think it will be some time before we see that.

Hopefully this helps!


A yes, i was even not in rengo. Seems a bit complex to implement.

Maybe a search with participant’ name could be easier? (In the play page)

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Right! Sounds obvious now! :slight_smile:

OMG! I didn’t even see the whole Rengo section at the bottom of the page! I didn’t scroll that much :astonished:

There’s a lot of them.
I understand now how it could be difficult to find the right one.


Really? Wouldn’t you name it “Hey Fellas Look Here” ?


Thanks for the answers and apologies for the auto correct. it should be rengo not renege :slight_smile:

I thought it will be great UX implementation because Everyone will see I am seeking games or not in my profile.


It may be hard to persuade everyone to add another section to the Profile page. It is already rather “full”.


Not same feature, but I would like to be able to share a link to an open challenge. Should answer the issue in OP. Not sure if that’s feasible though.

technical stuff

I’d need a way to pull the challenge info, but going to the challenges/ endpoint gives me a 500 error!

And this should be the endpoint for my 8hr rengo challenge: https://online-go.com/api/v1/challenges/20361718

but more 500 error

I had the same thought, and I’m not sure that you need to hit that API.

I think a route on the Play page saying “open the RengoManagementPane for challenge X” is the way to go. The Play pane just needs the challenge number to add to the list of open panes, which you have at the place you’re trying to make this link, if you make it from the RengoManagementPane itself.

I would have tried to wack it out immediately last night when reading this thread, except that I realised I’d want to also scroll to that pane, which I couldn’t remember how to quickly do (moderator log scroll is the example I know of).

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Ugh refs :face_vomiting::yum:

But yeah that’d be nice. Maybe we’d need to (temporarily?) highlight the row too? Like when you link to a answer on stack overflow, it briefly highlights

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Hmm - I did that mod-log-scrolling thing, I don’t remember using refs, they scare me :sweat_smile:

… but maybe that’s why I can’t remember how to do it :rofl:

Haha yeah a ref (I just moved the mod log into its own file, that’s why I remember)

A perfectly legitimate use for refs… but man are they hard to untangle!

The kind of thing you do out of desperation, then quickly forget about it :wink:

(That useEffect is definitely not me though, so I guess that is you tidying it up? :innocent: :sweat_smile: )

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Meh not so much tidying, just translating to Functional Component React :slight_smile:

I don’t know what you mean, could you be clearer?

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