G0tstats is back! (with more stats)


Hi adam, can you try refreshing the page with Ctrl+Shift+F5? Another possible cause is maybe you’re disabling Javascript on your browser? :slight_smile:


yeh, Ive tried that. Also tried deleting pref.js on firefox, doing a browser refresh and reset, restoring to default, clearing all history inc cache and cookies and uninstalling all add on and browser in safe mode. sigh :pensive: nothing work


Oh you seem to know your way around, any error on the console then? Are the scripts file loaded on the Inspector’s Network tab?


i dont know what to make of this


Can you check the Network tab? Is there any error-ed request (404 or something?)


so now im trying to view page source and

showed up for all the ajax js


Well I guess you’ll have to wait for the new version of g0tStats then (it’s on the way) I’m moving away from angular so it’ll likely be solved then :frowning:


hopefully :laughing: anyways thanks for help and replying. <3


Hey guy, I know I said the “new version” is on the way but it’s taking a lot more time than I expected. I plan to do it slowly and steadily - this one is a complete remake with another framework because I no longer enjoy working with the old one. (Yeah, programming is a lot like relationship - one day you just wake up and realize she’s not the one for you).

Anyway just to test out @adam problem, can you try this link and see if it works for you: http://vatcss.info/games/gotstats-react/ ? :slight_smile: (and yes, that’s the current progress of this version)

P/S: I don’t think there will be many change features-wise in this version, I do have some minor improvements in mind but nothing impressive. My focus in this version is to create a code base that someone other than me can actually read and understand (and hopefully contribute to). I’ve seen some people fork my repo on github and try to do something themselves but none got far enough - most likely because of the 2000 lines controllers.js file :sob:


Hey @Chinitsu I just tested the new link with both my name and @adam and it worked for both :slight_smile:


hey chinitsu, it works great :slight_smile: it does seem a little bit slower but thats probably just because of the amount of games and pages on my acc.:sunglasses:


worked fine on my pc, but not my phone (chrome on android). the system couldnt indentify my username.

thx for your work :slight_smile:.


Just to make sure, did you turn off the auto-capitalize of the first character on your phone? Username is case-sensitive and I noticed your name is all-lowercase while mobile inputs have the habit of capitalizing the first character of an input.


good thing you made sure :smile:. turns out my phone had saved my username with capital K. it did work after i made sure everything was lowercased.


Good moment to update the OGS logo :slight_smile:


ooo cool, will do :smile:


Just noticed that if you search for an account with no game history it just displays a blank page. Perhaps you could put in an exception stating that the user was found but that no games have been played yet?


Wow, it said I had a devestating victory against zirokaka after an intense game! https://online-go.com/game/160588
I checked out the game. I won in one move, after a particularly vicious opening komoku!
Since my opponent timed out, I figure he must have fainted when he saw it.