G0tstats unavailable?


I tried to visit g0tstats today but I couldn’t.

Old site (http://vatcss.info/games/gotstats/#/) says:

“This site has been moved to a new location. Redirecting to http://avavt.github.io/g0tStats/

but the new site doesn’t show up (timeout error).

works for me

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Works for my phone too… I didn’t check today
Maybe some connection issue.

try this direct link that I get after the redirect http://avavt.github.io/g0tStats/#/

The /# at the end shouldn’t change anything, but I’ve seen stranger things before haha

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For some reason I don’t have any kind of response from my PC. No firewall or proxy error or anything… just timeout. But now I think it’s someway my fault.

some active extensions by any chance? Ad/JS blockers? those can also mess things up.
Or just tell me who you wanna stalk and I will send you the results :smiley:


Actually I would love to get some data from OGS, but I can’t figure how.

I studied programming many years ago, but now i stare at rest and apis and jsons and all of that stuff as a prehistoric monkey in front of a black monolith.

gOtstats is a very nice site, and I sometimes visit it to check my performance, but I would like much more to be able to get some raw data and make my own “business intelligence”.
I can do stats and graphs, but I miss the inquiry part.

Well, if you have a few OGS usernames you’d like gOtstats on, I’m happy to screen dump them here for you?

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Thanks a lot, but it isn’t necessary: I can do it on the smartphone.

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