"G19" Bug - Stone mysteriously placed where I did not put it

Dear all,

I came across a strange behaviour of the UI yesterday (and in writing this I have seen that others have reported the same problem).
In two games, I placed a stone on the board and submitted the move, but instead of where I placed it, the stone appeared at position G19.
The first game is here:
https://online-go.com/game/3316429 move 73. My opponent played B8, I responded at B7, but the stone was played at G19. I have asked for an undo (no response yet).
In the other game this happened first: https://online-go.com/game/3315991 ; move 158, I played B5 but the stone was placed at G19. This first time I thought it was some kind of mistake and since I believe I am way ahead in the game I did not bother too much, but two times in the same evening this is starting to get annoying.

In both cases I was using an iPad 1, OS 8.0.2(12A405). I believe it might have to do with the iPad, because I usually play on an iPhone 6, (OS 9.1(13B143) and have never seen the issue on this device. I use the setting where I have to confirm each move. BTW: Since no move played since the mistake in the first game, I might try to reproduce the problem if my opponent grants me an undo. I could even try to do this with different devices,

If anyone has a good idea how to get rid of this, I would greatly appreciate it.

best regards


Like you, I seem to get this a lot. Once per week perhaps. I only play correspondence games, and it only seems to happen in some circumstances:

  • on my iPad
  • when using chrome
  • in landscape mode
    Any of those things may be causing it I guess. When I play moves on my pc or phone (using chrome) it hasn’t ever happened.
    Luckily, people on OGS are very kind, and I’ve always been able to undo, but it’s pretty bad having to ask…