Game against disqualified opponent

My opponent in a tournament game was disqualified due to timeout. In the past opponents in this situation have usually timed out on my game as well. However, with this game, my opponent has played a move after disqualification:

What are my theoretical responsibilities with respect to this game?

  • If I decline to play any more moves, will I lose by timeout? Will I in turn be disqualified from the tournament?
  • Can my tournament standing be affected by the outcome of this game?
  • Can my site rating be affected by the outcome of this game?

To be on the safe side I will of course continue playing, but my background as a verification engineer testing edge cases gets the better of me.

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I don’t think so.

My experience is that the disqualification only takes effect at the end of the round. It doesn’t make any difference during the round. That disqualified person might win against you even though she has lost by timeout against others.

It is usually the case, because that person has abandoned the tournament. But in some cases disqualification is due to an accidental timeout and the player finishes the other games.

So - if you look at the table of the round in progress, the disqualified people and their games are already showing up as all lost.

Doesn’t this mean that the outcomes of those games can’t be affecting the tourney?

Wrong, and Beerkeeper could win the game if he/she plays and @dej doesn’t respond.

The game counts, just as a normal game would.

In all respects.


I deleted my wrong understanding.

So, as a follow-up question: what does it mean to win a game “by disqualification”? This just happened to the game in question.

Does it mean that the game was terminated at the discretion of the director?

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Wow… Never seen that before! @anoek?

Yes. Tournament directors can manually disqualify someone and this results in the termination of their remaining games.

I can’t see any special rules for this tournament (Like the ‘No Vacation’ in most fast correspondence tournaments) so my guess would be that the director (@SuzieKyu) disqualified Beerkeeper to level the playing field for the remaining players after he/she TO’d the other games. Just guessing.

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I think the issue is that being disqualified isn’t handled like it is everywhere else. Disqualification should mean immediate removal, your effect on the tournament should be minimized, and you don’t play future rounds.

For example, in a single round round-robin, if you get disqualified, all your games should immediately end, you’re removed from the section, and it’s as though you never played. In a multi-round round-robin, earlier rounds would stand, the current round would be similar to the above, and you wouldn’t play in future rounds. That’s what it means to be disqualified.

If you want players to continue, then set the disqualification threshold higher than a single time out.

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