Game API questions

Hello. How is the stone removal phase handled through the API? I only see methods to move, pass, resign and access the data (SGF, etc…).

Is there a specification of the API? I only see examples in with the exception of authentication, which there are some words about. Neither the requests nor responses are specified, the meaning can only be incompletely inferred from the examples, but that doesn’t help in the case of exceptional situations; for instance, it don’t tells us what happens in the case of errors; it’s also not clear what the value of the “rules” field would be in the case of other than Japanese rules (I.e: it may be “New Zealand” or “new_zealand”. It’s unclear what are the semantics of the fields are, for instance, whether I is included or not in the possible letter combinations for coordinates, etc…

I’m glad that you made an API available, I hope that you plan on documenting it more throughly.

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I have not fully implemented stone removal in the api just yet, and I’d say I’m only about 80% done with the api docs as it is. I’d definitely appreciate some feedback on the api in the meantime, however. I’ll be wrapping up the api in the next few days along with the documentation.

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Ok, thanks for the answer.