Game board doesn't pops up when someone accepts my correspondence challenge

I’ve encountered a weird bug (?).

For some reason game board doesn’t pops up when someone accepts my correspondence challenge as it does with live games.

It happens with me on different computers with different browsers.

Because of that people just quit before I’m able to make first move.

Is it possible to fix it?

Because it is a correspondence game, people are in general much less impatient. I never paid attention to it but I guess because it doesnt really matter when exactly a correspondence game begins, it doesnt pop up.
I think the issue with your challenges is more, that you have a huge rank difference:
overall 17k, correspondence 23k. So someone who expects a 23k might get scared away when the game starts and see you as a 17k suddenly.
To prevent that from happening some suggestions since I hadf the same issue, sometimes 3 out of 4 challenge I would have someone quit me on the first move:

  • tournament and ladders: they’re funn and your opponent HAS to play you, hehe
  • put it in your challenge description: ‘fun game (overall 17k)’, that way people know what they’re getting into

Alternatively, ask a mod to adjust your rank. They’ll often do this on their own if they notice such a rank disparity caused by not playing one game type quite as much.

Thank you for your reply. I don’t think rank difference is the case here because people do make their first move. That means they already saw who is their opponent after they joined game. Moreover, people of my of own rank (17-18k) also quit before my first move. So that can’t be a reason here.

All I can see is notifications “game has started”, “game has ended”. I’m trying to start correspondence game for several days with no success.

Maybe some of the developers can at least tell if it’s a bug or not? If yes, when it will be fixed? If not, where I should enable normal board pop ups?