Game ended without scoring review

Hi, the game Ladder Challenge: madsurgeon(#11) vs ilkeralp(#9) ended without us being asked for the scoring review and now the count seems to be wrong.
What can we do?


Welcome @madsurgeon on the forum!

That’s quite an unusual behavior. I hope you get soon a mod to fix that.

@moderators ?

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Thanks for your report, I can confirm this was some kind of bug, and honestly I’ve never seen it before so I have no idea how it happened. Maybe there is some more that @anoek can see on the server side?

What I have done for this case is annul the incorrect result so that it doesn’t impact your rating, and move ilkeralp back above you on the ladder.


Thank you!


Sorry my mistake, I didn’t notice the dates had changed. There was no bug at all, scoring just times out after 24hours of inactivity. (Arguably a bit short for some correspondence games, but working as intended at the moment)

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