Game history default setting

When I first logged on I could see all games in a list. But after clicking board size and rank/unranked I can’t get back to that setting. Help?

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The buttons are toggles. Click them again to undo what you did. When all the buttons are gray, you will see the whole list.


I feel so stupid now. Thanks.

Don’t feel bad. When those buttons were first implemented, I was equally confused by it.


If it’s not intuitive it can sometimes hint that maybe there should be some better design than it changing colour.

If you think of another idea, these things can always be changed. I can understand too why it could be confusing :slight_smile:

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It doesn’t help that there is a component on the “Automatch” finder that looks exactly the same, but different behavior:

  • Game History: one selection at a time, or no selection (= all games)
  • Automatch: multiple selections possible, must select at least one

These buttons function as toggles, so you can simply click them once more to reverse any action you’ve taken. Once all the buttons have turned gray, you’ll be able to view the entire list in its entirety.

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