Game History untracked with specific usernames?


Essentially, I have created an account using only underscores, no regular letters or numbers. My account is ___ (3 underscores) . I have played around 10 games since creating the account, 5 of which are definitely known to the system as they were ranked games, all of which I lost (Elo rating was also affected), as you can see in my profile. However, the other 5 games - or however many I have played, are not tracked at all, on either mine or my opponents profile pages.

I’m not sure if this is an indexing problem, like others have been having - but I am making a separate forum thread regardless.


Ah indeed… alrighty i’ll see about fixing that up, thanks for the report!

Maybe next time you will choose a more sensible username like 1337'); DROP TABLE Users;--

Additionally there is another bug probably worth mentioning too. When signing into the forum for the first time using nicknames like ___ (underscore underscore underscore) you are assigned numbers as your forum nickname. In this case, 111.

Oh interesting, yeah discourse limits usernames more than we do…