Game Library page - unusable without docs or explanation

How do I delete games from my game library, and how do I assign games to a different category? The game library page is maddeningly confusing. What does the Delete button act on? How do I select games from the list?



When you tap on a game it should select it and click the delete button on bottom it should delete the game. Assigning games to different category… I don’t know, maybe someone else can help…

EDIT: You just have to create a category. And tap on the category you want to upload first and then upload the file. It uploads to the category you tapped. I just proofed it on my phone, it works for me…

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In addition to what @Seferi said, you can move desired selected items (shift-click selects more items) by dragging and dropping them into the desired category.

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My 25 inch Dell screen doesn’t seem to react at all if I do that, except I can see the skin oil if I look really close :slight_smile:

And clicking on it with a mouse, which would be the closest equivalent in the desktop world, just opens the game for analysis, just as I expected. (How do you do that in the tap world?)

(Firefox ESR 38)

:slight_smile: Since you can’t click on it in the mobile world, we just tap. :slight_smile: Anyway… It should open the game for analysis only when you click on the names ( AlphaGo vs Lee Sedol). And it should chose the game when you click on the date or anywhere else.
I’ll check on your version of Firefox when i get back home and have access to my computer. Will get back to you…

EDIT: Alright. I checked it on my computer with the latest Firefox. Everything is working as i wrote before. Plus, you can click and hold the games and drop them in the desired category… Hope this helps.

By Tap I think he means Select by clicking on that game row, but NOT on the blue game file link, that opens the game record.

I can Select rows and the delete button works as expected,

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FTR I’m aware how much that interface sucks, it’s on my longer list of things to improve